Satirical Resource Repository

The Satirical Resource Repository is a collection of satirical teaching resources for political scientists. Resources are organized by subfield and concept and each entry contains the medium of the satire, the title, a link, and a short description.

If you would like to share works of satire that you have used to teach political science, please send me an email with a link and the concept illustrated at Please include “satire” in the subject line.

Satirical Resource Repository

Dr. Rebecca Glazier
University of Arkansas, Little Rock

Subfield Concept Format Title Date Location Description
American Politics Collective Action Article Citizens Form Massive Special Disinterest Group 3/17/2004,1144/ Citizens who don’t hold strong preferences attempt to organize.
  Voting and Political Influence Disparities Article Scratch ‘N Win Ballots To Debut In November 7/19/2006,2002/ Lottery tickets to determine number of votes each citizen can cast.
  Campaign Promises Article Obama Revises Campaign Promise Of ‘Change’ To ‘Relatively Minor Readjustments In Certain Favorable Policy Areas’ 5/29/2009,6743/ Obama has a hard time following through on lofty campaign promises.
  Political Participation Article American People Ruled Unfit To Govern 4/14/1999,748/  
  Voting Article Huge Democracy Geek Even Votes In Primaries 10/2/2002,1389/ Differences between primary and general election voters
  Interest Groups Article Powerful Special Interest Group Momentarily Blanks On Agenda 10/21/2008,6411/ Ironically, a narrowly-focused interest group forgets its issue
  Sexism and Elections Video Sarah Palin Gender Card 9/3/2008 Juxtaposed media clips illustrate double standard for female candidates
  Sexism and Elections Video Palin / Hillary Open 9/27/2008 Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as Palin and Clinton discussing sexism in the campaign
  Mid-term Elections Video Daily Show Rock! – Mid-Term Elections 11/6/2006—-mid-term-elections Parody of “School House Rock” illustrates the problems of incumbency advantage and low voter turnout.
  Going Public Video Armadebtdon 2011 – Call Congress 7/26/2011—call-congress Obama urges Americans to call Congress and ask for a balanced approach to the debt limit
  Undecided Voters Video The Stupid Vote 10/7/2008 Influence of (often uninformed) swing voters
  Bureaucracy Video Be Patient This Gets Amazing – EPA E-Mail 6/25/2008—epa-e-mail EPA and Bush Administration clash over greenhouse gas regulations
  Public Financing Video Indecision 2008 – Finance Reform 6/23/2008—finance-reform Obama goes back on public finance pledge
  Media and Military Video The Less You Know – Message Force Multipliers 4/22/2008—message-force-multipliers Pentagon uses ex-military leaders to communicate the Bush administration’s message on Iraq
  Congress Article Congress Gets In 12 Solid Hours Of Gridlocking Before Calling It A Day 5/4/2011,20304/ Difficulty of passing legislation through Congress.
  Gay Marriage Article Future U.S. History Students: ‘It’s Pretty Embarrassing How Long You Guys Took To Legalize Gay Marriage’ 2/8/2011,19099/ Parody of current students’ responses to racism.
  Interest Groups Article Obama Delivers Whispered, Untelevised Speech On Gun Control 2/4/2011,19068/ Power of the NRA means the president won’t speak out on gun control
  Rights Article Bill Of Rights Pared Down To A Manageable Six 12/18/2002,15/ Post-9/11 some rights are eliminated from the constitution.
  Elections Video Ron Paul’s Colbert Bump 6/21/2007 Appearing on The Colbert Report gives Ron Paul a huge bump in the polls
  Redistricting Cartoon The Gerry-mander 3/26/1812 The Boston Gazette. Available online by searching “Gerrymander Cartoon” on Google Images. Political redistricting creates strangely shaped electoral districts
  2008 Election Cartoon The Politics of Fear 7/21/2008 The New Yorker. Available online by searching “New Yorker Obama Cartoon” on Google Images. Magazine cover depicting stereotypes of Barack and Michelle Obama
  Polling Video How Pollsters Work Uploaded to You Tube 2/5/2011 On the BBC show “Yes, Prime Minister” pollsters get a “balanced sample” by changing how they ask survey questions.
Comparative Politics Democracy Article Iraqi Constitution Ratified, Burned 11/2/2005,1825/ Difficulties of the democratic transition
  Party Identification Video Changeling 4/29/2009 Specter changes parties
  Global Reaction to US Elections Video International Male 11/6/2008 Various global leaders react positively to Obama’s election
  Comparing US and Canada Video Playground politics – Canada 9/7/2011 The difference between Canada and the US
International Relations Coups Article Rebels Immediately Regret Seizing Power In Zambia 12/6/2006,2103/ Rebels learn the difficulties of governing after taking over in a coup.
  Human Rights Article How Many Atrocities Does It Take To Get Into USA Today? 12/1/1999,10894/ Satire written from the perspective of the attention-seeking President of Burundi
  Ethnic Conflict Article Northern Irish, Serbs, Hutus Granted Homeland In West Bank 6/20/2001,305/ Ethnic minorities centrally located to minimize conflict
  United Nations Article U.S. Forms Own U.N. 3/26/2003,145/ The US gets frustrated with the slow pace and indecision of the UN
  Historical Analogies Video Magical History Tour


8/23/2007 President Bush analogizes Iraq and past wars
  Balance of Power Video Billions and Billions 8/22/2007 The US balances power by supplying money and weapons to all sides
  International Conflict Video Russo-Georgian Conflict 8/14/2008 2008 Presidential candidates propose different solutions to conflict
  Realism vs. Idealism Video America at Not-war—Obama’s Pragmatic Foreign-Policy Decisions 3/29/2011—obama-s-pragmatic-foreign-policy-decisions Comparing Obama’s pragmatic rhetoric on Libya to more idealistic rhetoric from other presidents
  US-Israeli Relations Article Government Official Who Makes Perfectly Valid, Well-Reasoned Point Against Israel Forced To Resign 5/20/2011,20499/ United States’ unconditional support for Israel hurts debate
  International Media Article Standoff In Ivory Coast Threatens To Boil Over Into Full-Scale News Blurb 1/13/2011,18813/ Even major international news items get little attention
  Revolutions in MENA Video The Rule of the Nile 1/27/2011 Discussion of who deserves credit for uprisings
  International Aid Video Funny Or Die Presents: Playground Politics–Africa 2/12/2010 Children on a playground act out Africa receiving aid from the IMF
  North Korea Video Funny Or Die Presents: Playground Politics–America and North Korea 6/21/2010 Children on a playground act out the US negotiating with North Korea
  Dictatorship Video North Korea Launches New Ad Campaign 3/1/2011 North Korea is a great destination, compared to MENA, because of stability.
  Global Relations Video Ali G – International Relations 12/8/2006 Strategies for Foreign Policy, Gulf War, Iran and Iraq.
  Palestine Video Palestinian Alarm Clock 11/18/09 Satirical take on Palestinians’ use of violence
  US Relations with Mexico Video Playground politics – Mexico 9/7/11 Children on a playground discuss the drug trade between the US and Mexico
  Eurozone Debt Crisis Video A Closer Look at Europe 11/18/11 Satirical news report of the Eurozone Debt Crisis
Political Theory Marxism Article Marxists’ Apartment A Microcosm Of Why Marxism Doesn’t Work 11/13/2002,1382/ College students run into problems implementing Marxism in their apartment
  International Relations Theory Video US International Relations theories 11/29/10 A critique of the International Relations theories that dominate the USA educational establishment

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